Little insects that make a big difference

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Our friends @TheBeeAmigos save our bees from their demise when found in unwanted areas.

We are using this space to introduce you all to folks out there making a difference. These bee saviors are located in Southern California and not only do they help keep these pollinators alive, they make some good honey, too!

Check out their Instagram @thebeeamigos

Bees' pollination help plants survive and those plants make up 1/3 of of our food supply. Without bees we would not be able to enjoy foods like chocolate, avocadoes, pumpkins (no more pumpkin spiced lattes, folks), tree fruits (like apples and apricots), berries (such as strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries), onions, coffee (yikes!), broccoli, and the list goes on. The plants also help our supply of oil, fibers (cotton), absorb CO2, provide food and cover for our wildlife, and produce the oxygen we breathe. So next time you find a hive of bees and are afraid, don't call the pest or terminator companies, check your local area for bee relocators.

The Bee Amigos

This organization will relocate bees from unwanted areas, like homes, and place them where they can safely thrive and do what bees do, pollinate our plants. #thebeeamigos #oneseastar #savingbees #beerelocators #goinggreen #environment #animals

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