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Our Programs 

Working with our communities we provide individuals or any organized group an educational program through presentations and hands on activities. The organization has three activities that are symbiotic and consist of educating the public on animal welfare issues with an emphasis on shelter animals and adoption, environmental welfare issues with an emphasis on plastic and trash pollution, and youth development with an emphasis on community engagement and leadership skills. We work with educational tools such as classroom-style presentations, social media engagement, and outreach activities that will provide opportunities for engagement in our communities. Below are descriptions of the ongoing programs, all available at NO COST. 

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Project 1 - Animal Welfare

COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS PROGRAM: It is important to adopt a pet for their life. Understanding how to adopt the right pet for the family’s lifestyle and personalities helps that mission.  

Our organization educates the public on animal welfare issues that examine the animal shelter system, the importance of and how to make responsible choices when adopting a pet: costs, size, energy level, personalities, etc. Presentations are held at LA Animal Services Care Centers throughout LA. After the presentation participants walk-through and meet different animals available for adoption. Participants are encouraged to post on their social media with a picture/video of the animal, characteristics/personality, with their kennel information to help them get adopted, thereby empowering our participants in their ability to make change and save the lives of animals.

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Project 2 - Environmental Welfare

NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM: A healthy environment and ecosystem leads to healthier communities. Our organization educates the public on environmental issues that affect our communities; focusing on the littering of trash and overuse of plastics and how we can make specific changes to our lifestyles that will lessen our negative impact on the environment. This information enables participants to evaluate and take their own steps to improve their impact on the environment. A detailed presentation with examples is followed by a neighborhood trash clean up where our organization enhances the group’s environmental commitment and sets an example to engage with the local community.

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Project 3 - Youth Development

Working with local YMCA teen programs, we are giving opportunities of hands-on community service work through the animal and environmental programs the organization offers. Bringing out our youths' compassion for all living things; people, animals, and the environment will create a stronger community and world. Our program promotes character-building lessons on how to be caring, honest, responsible, and respectful human beings, and community outreach activities to become strong examples within their communities. 

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